Shadows on the Wolf, Inc. History


Shadows on the Wolf, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization dedicated to education, assisting local outdoor projects and enhancing local habitat, as well as assisting challenged hunters, women and children enjoy the outdoors and various hunting sport programs.  Shadows on the Wolf is comprised of a diversified group of 100% volunteers.  Shadows on the Wolf does not focus on any specific species or project type.  If there is a special project that has to do with the Wolf River basin area outdoor education, youth or challenged shooting sports or hunting, habitat or wildlife management, then Shadows on the Wolf will consider helping out.  Shadows on the Wolf has worked very closely in the past with the State of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin DNR on many habitat management and improvement projects and has been an advocate for the Wisconsin sportsmen.


Shadows on the Wolf began in 1992 when six individuals put $20.00 each into a hat to send letters out to area sportsmen asking if they would be interested in supporting a new club that would support wildlife conservation and management, education and mentoring youth hunters in the local area.  These six individuals found an overwhelming number of people shared their same interest and encouraged the club formation.


Denny Conradt of Shiocton, one of the six original founding members, used to belong to a club in the 1980’s where they would profit $10,000 to $12,000 a year fundraising.  However after the fundraising they would have to send all the money to the parent organization in Waukesha.  Members like Denny would then attend meetings in Waukesha to solicit to get some of the money back for local projects.   This gave the six individuals the idea of starting their own club where the money would be kept in the area.


After the club began to take roots, naming the club was another adventure.  In 1987, five teachers in the Shiocton area wrote a book called “Shadows on the Wolf” about the historic sturgeon and the Wolf River basin in Wisconsin.  The name sounded very fitting for the club so Denny Conradt approached the authors of the book and received permission to use the name Shadows on the Wolf for the name of the club.  The name fits so well because the club was created to focus on the wolf river basin area. 


The club was going to be called Shadows on the Wolf Rod and Gun Club.  However, gaining tax exempt status for the club proved difficult as the status was delayed and denied four times.  Denny Conradt spoke to someone who suggested removing the “Rod and Gun Club” and adding the “Inc.” to the name and try one more time.  This time the IRS granted tax exempt 501.c.3 status and the club roots were beginning to strengthen.  Apparently, the IRS just figured “Rod and Gun Club” members just ran around shooting guns in these north woods.


Don Nollenberg was elected as the first president and Denny Conradt was elected as Vice-President.  Their first fundraising banquet for Shadows on the Wolf was held in Shiocton in March 1993 where 255 new members raised $16,000.00 the first year.  Years later, a record of 460 members and $42,000 was made in a single year for local projects at one banquet.


In 2009 the Clintonville Area Chapter was started and brought with it 161 new members to the Shadows on the Wolf family.  In 2010, a highly respected and very successful Learn to Hunt youth program joined forces with the Clintonville Area Chapter.  In 2010 the Shawano Area Chapter was started and brought with it more new members to the Shadows on the Wolf family. 


Twenty-seven years after the start, there are now three chapters of Shadows on the Wolf; Shiocton, Clintonville, and Shawano, over 800 members, and over $1,000,000 spent on local projects and donations.


In 2013, Denny Conradt announced his retirement as President of Shadows on the Wolf.  There is no doubt that Denny was instrumental to the success and expansion of Shadows on the Wolf through the years.  In 2014 Kevin Conradt was elected as President and we have no doubt he will certainly do an outstanding job for all of us as we move forward.