2018 Clintonville Banquet, Friday August 17, 2018

Hope to see you all there!

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  Any SOTW members that had Soybean Germination issues this Spring, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!! 

SOTW received a bad lot of soybeans this past Spring. If you planted our SOTW soybeans and had no germination, SOTW will be replacing the bags that you purchased from us. The bad lot number is lot WN56NF19 If you still have not planted your beans and your seed bags are this lot number, do not plant those seeds.

  Our replacement seed is on the way!

   After more input from a lot of people, it is evident that anyone who received soybeans on the first distribution date of April 21, 2018, which the lot number on the beans was WN5SNF19 did not have any germination of the seeds. There were also a few residual bags that some people received bad lot beans when Clintonville chapter distributed for the May 12th distribution.

  The chapter will replace free of charge any defective RR soybean seed from that bad lot number. SOTW has very goods records of how many bags of beans everyone paid for, so it should go very smooth on the one day re-distribution. 

  For the people that still have unused bags of seed, the chapter does not want the bad lot beans back. I did talk to our DNR people about getting rid of any unused bad lot seed. They said you need to throw in the garbage or a landfill. DO NOT just empty the bagsonto the landscape. This could cause illness to the wildlife.

  We will be distributing all of the new good seed next Saturday June 9th, 2018. Anyone who received the bag soybean seed from the distribution in April/May, please come down and get your replacement bags. This is going to be a one-time offer.  If you can't make it down please have someone pick up the seed for you. Also please spread the word, I think we have 95% of the people notified from Clintonville/Shawano chapter.

  Also if possible, bring help putting bags in your vehicle. We are going to have limited help at the docks throwing bags of seed.....


DATE: Saturday June 9th, 2018

TIME:  10am - 1pm

PLACE: Kohel Interstate Transport

             1425 East Ramsdell St

             Marion, WI 54950


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions..

Thanks again for everyone's understanding into this unfortunate matter.


Tom Mijal




Come See!

Video Viewing and Educational Center on Bamboo Bend in Shiocton



Recorded Sturgeon Spawning Video that can be viewed on the monitors at the pavilion @ Bamboo Bend


Wolf River Camera's


Be sure to check out the underwater camera at Bamboo Bend on the Wolf River.





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